production goods

production goods
noun plural

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  • goods-producing — UK US /ˌgʊdzprəˈdjuːsɪŋ/ US  / ˈduː / adjective [before noun] PRODUCTION ► used to describe companies that produce products, rather than ones that provide services: »2.2 million people in the state are employed in goods producing sectors …   Financial and business terms

  • production facility — UK US noun [C] PRODUCTION ► a building or area where goods are made: »There are 118 ethanol production facilities in the U.S., with 76 more under construction, the coalition said …   Financial and business terms

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  • Production theory basics — In microeconomics, Production is simply the conversion of inputs into outputs. It is an economic process that uses resources to create a commodity that is suitable for exchange. This can include manufacturing, storing, shipping, and packaging.… …   Wikipedia

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